J Birks LMT

G5 Therapy

What is it?

The G5 is one of the original electric powered Physiotherapy devices. Not a vibrator and more than a percussion device. It uses directional stroking to address all types of needs.

Who is it for?

The G5 serves all general audiences but here are some unique populations that love it. 

New clients who want the benefits of a knowledgeable massage therapist but are not ready for copious touch. 
Hard workers and Athletes who seek dependable lactic flush without the fluff. 
- Those in recovery who may be unable to mobilize certain joints. 
- Smoking cessation clients who and those who are working to heal their breathing
- Clients with weight loss and digestion issues

-Those who have skin conditions that prevent them from having localized massage. 
-Breast augmentation clients in places where breast tissue massage is out of scope.

How can I have it?

G5 treatment will be offered as a 30 min clothed session or as a portion of our "worlds collide" menu